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Internet of Your things.
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Iot Smart Freezer

Turn physical assets into digital services with iBot.

iBot builds meta-products called connected processors using a combination of electronics, telecommunications, firmware and cloud capabilities to help makers create connected experiences for themselves and their customers/consumers.

Create the Internet of Your Things,
Safe & Smart!

Ravi Subramanyam
Founder & CEO, iBot Control Systems Inc

Founder & Ceo Of Ibot- Ravi Subramanyam

In iBot We Trust

Design-Driven Innovation
Design Driven Development With Modern Iot Technolgy

User Centric Design

iBot’s cutting edge research and design puts the user at the centre of every innovation

Practical Application
 Ibot Smart Practical Applications

Today’s Value

iBot helps you implement strategies that can add value to your business today and not postpone this to the next generation of your products.

Speed to Market
Ibot -Speed To Market Applications

Speed to Market

iBot helps you create connected experiences in weeks and not months. Leverage our connected product architecture to move fast today.

Ibot Scalability


iBot is partnered with Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Airtel, Vodafone and Microsoft to create a technology stack that scales on the shoulders of these giants.

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iBot offers the iQu connected product stack as a service. For a small one-time fee and a monthly subscription, our technology is available to empower your products!

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