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Build a Connected Product

Your machine + iBot = Connected Product

Your machines, your cloud

Your machines are connected and managed by iBot. Your
data however is your data. Take it to Microsoft Azure. IBM
Bluemix. Thingworx. AWS or any other cloud.

Power with iBot

Design a base board (retrofit) or new board (factory-fit)
that will create a full two-way connect between your
product and the cloud. Power this board using the iBot
Processor. Code the processor using iBot Studio.

Retrofit or Factory Fit

A 2-day workshop to identify touchpoints between the
product to be connected and the iBot Processor that
quickly draws up a retrofit or factory-fit specification.

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Digital transformation with iBot

Startups Collaboration With Ibot Internet Of Things


Digital disruption with iBot

“We are partnered with iBot for
breakthrough innovations in
the consumer products space”

CIO & CFO, Wildcraft India