GPS Tracking Device

Here, there, everywhere!

Track assets and their consignment

GPS Tracking Device

iBot Processor + Peripheral + Enclosure = IoT Device


Connect to iBot Hive and Microsoft Azure.
Create your own customised connected product-


iBot Processor

Power this board using the iBot Processor. Code
the processor using iBot Studio.


Connect any sensors/actuators/ interfaces to our
base board and for plug and play communication
with the iBot Processor


Robust & customisable enclosure to help
withstand various operating conditions.

iBot Processor

World’s first connected processor for IOT

Internet Of Things Technologies Iqu Processor

iBot Studio

Build apps for the iBot Processor

Iot Ibot Studio

“We are partnered with iBot for
breakthrough innovations
in the consumer products space”

CIO & CFO. Wildcraft India